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Oct 18, 2018 | Soccer news and reviews

How to bet on tennis and which kinds of bets you can make in order to win some money, using
your knowledge on this beautiful sport? These questions we are going to discuss in our vip tennis
It’s not a surprise that so many people are betting on tennis every single day. This is a beautiful
and very exciting sport. And it’s one of the most popular sports on Earth. One of the best things
about is the fact that there’s action almost every day of the year. From the beginning to the end of
the year, there are matches you can bet on. There are different competitions to bet on with different
quality. Some people prefer to bet on competitions from a higher quality – like Grand Slam or
Masters, while other prefer the tournaments from a lower quality – like Challenger, Future and
One of the bets you can make is to bet on if there’s going to be a tie break in the match you have
chose. The tie breaks are a pretty common thing in tennis. In most of the cases they happen when
the two players on the court are playing on a similar level and nobody of them is having a huge
advantage. In most rare cases, tie breaks happen even when there’s a notable difference in the
quality of the two players. For example – even when players like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal
are playing against opponents of a lower quality, they can be more relaxed on the court in a certain
set and allow their opponent to reach a tie break.
Another bet you can make is which player is going to win the first set in the match. Here’s the
moment when you can use the statistics in your favour. Some players tend to start their matches
very good and sharp, while other are having a slower approach, improving their game with time.
You can look into the stats and see if there’s a certain tendency regarding if a certain player often
wins or loses the first sets in his matches.
The so called Set Betting is a good way to improve your odds in a certain tennis match, although it
requires a higher skill by the bettor. In other words, here you have to guess not just which player is
going to win the game in question, but what the exact scoreline is going to be in terms of sets. For
example – is this going to be a 2-0 win, 2-1, 3-1, 3-2 and so on. How we said – it’s more difficult,
because you must be more precise in your pick, but it’s also more rewardable – bigger odds mean
bigger profit, right?
The Double Result is another strategy you can use in tennis matches. But what does it mean?
Let’s say that Kei Nishikori is playing against Juan Martin del Potro. If you want to use the Double
Result, you can bet that, for example, Nishikori is going to win the first set, but he’s going to lose
the match. Or the opposite – that Del Potro is going to lose the first set, but he’s going to win the
match. It’s just another strategy we present you in our vip tennis bets.
The Number of Sets is a method you can use to bet on the number of sets which are going to be
played in a match. If this is a 2 of 3 sets type of match, you can bet on if this is going to be a Under
2.5 or Over 2.5 match in terms of sets being played. If you think that the match in question is going
to be competitive and it won’t be over pretty soon after its beginning, then it’s a good idea to use
the Over 2.5 option. And the opposite – if you think that one of the two players is in a much better
form than the other one and the match won’t continue very long, use the Under 2.5 option. Here
you must have a very clear idea about the strenght of the two players in question and the balance
between them. Logic tells you that if these two players are competitive and their quality is pretty
much close, then using the Under 2.5 sets option is not a good idea. There shall be three sets in
the match.
Many bettors who prefer tennis are using the Total Games method to bet on the sport. You can bet
on the total games of a set or the whole match. You can also bet on games, but using a handicap.
There are many different options to use.
If you are really sure in what you are doing, you can bet on the exact score of a set or a whole
match. For example – you think that Roger Federer is going to win the first set against Rafael Nadal

with the exact score of 6-4? You can be sure that the bookmaker is going to give you some good
odds for this. If you manage to win the bet, you will have a good profit.
These are our vip tennis bets  and tips for today. Remember that tennis is a great sport to bet on
and increase your profits from betting. Of course, like any other sport, it requires some research
and making of smart decisions in order to win. Always do your researches and never gamble just
being led by emotions. Never forget that tennis is a very competitive sport and never rely on
anyone winning a match, just because of his/her name. Surprises happen all of the time in tennis.
Your job here is to follow what’s happening all of the time and build a good knowledge on different
players and tournaments. Use the information you’d have online to do your research and be smart.
This is what we had to say to you this time. We wish you a good luck and many, many profits!

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