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  • We are adding 3 football prediction each day , all with odds above 1.8. Easy to use – You don’t have to learn how these bets work, you will find every option at your favourite bookmaker. We are really passionate about football and while we may be number two in this industry, we try harder to provide more accurate results!
Most of our competitors have fake added history. We’ve studied them, tried their deals. Be careful! They will only brag when a game is won, but forget to add it in the month’s history if it’s lost, use fake odds and have prices at least 3 times more expensive than us. Also, when they have no clients you will only see winning statuses in their history. We hate them more than you could imagine. You may easily keep track of our football predictions, everything you receive today, you will find tomorrow in our history.
Month / YearTotal PredictionsRecordsTotal Profit €
March 201593View Results€6,322.5
February 201584View Results€7068
January 201593View Results€5066.25
December 201490View Results€1686
November 201490View Results€7901.25
October 201490View Results€792.75
September 201490View Results€3750
August 201493View Results€2456.25
July 201490View Results€3798.75
June 201484View Results€6401.25
May 201493View Results€5422.5
April 201490View Results€1188.75
March 201493View Results€4662.75
February 201483View Results€2388
January 201487View Results€5119.5
December 201384View Results€7427
November 201390View Results€5462
October 201390View Results€5376
September 201390View Results-€7724.5
August 201390View Results€12,750
July 201339View Results€5,140.5
June 201335View Results€435
May 201393View Results€5,295
April 201390View Results€3,236
March 201393View Results-€2,490
February 201384View Results€225.7
January 201387View Results-€1,092
December 201284View Results€2,012
November 201290View Results€3,627
October 201293View Results€6,391
September 201290View Results€3,398
August 201293View Results€6,698
July 201284View Results€10,751

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  • You love football, that’s why you’re here, but do you fully understand how betting works? Do you actually have the experience to predict how a match ends? Our whole concept was launched as a result of the changes applied by most bookmakers. You are now able to place bets with a maximum value of 200-300 euros thus reducing your profits when you are sure of the final score. We’ve decided to split our profits in return for some small fees and now you’re visiting FootballTips24.com.


  • Our history is 100% REAL. Take the matches one by one and see the odds, scores for yourself. Odds around 1.8-2.5! To learn how to place your bet, please read Asian Handicap Explained


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  • We are professional tipsters with years of experience, studying transfers, results, players form, injuries, etc. We have the skills and most of all, we have the passion to predict better!
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